Ashwani Rathee

Engineer. Researcher. Open Source Contributor.

Software Engineer, FleetSafe India Pvt. Ltd, Mohali, India

Hi there!!

Hey, I am Ashwani Rathee. You can call me ash, I am a undergraduate student studying information technology in UIET, Panjab University Chandigarh. I’m a developer with experience in Julia, Python, C/C++, Flutter/Dart, ReactJS/Nodejs with focus in Image/Audio signal processing. I have contributed to Julia during GSOC’22, OSPP’21 events.

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Jul 1, 2023 Starting job as Software Engineer at FleetSafe India
Jan 1, 2023 Starting internship at FleetSafe India

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  1. brownian-motion.gif
    Denoising of magnetic resonance images of brain tumor using BT-Autonet
    Mamta Juneja; Ashwani Rathee; Rishabh Verma; Raag Bhutani; Shashank Baghel; Sumindar Kaur Saini; Prashant Jindal
    Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, Jan 2024